How to order

MulePAC is manufactured by AIRGO Industries, a certified small business supplier to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). As a Military Class IX product, MulePAC (U.S.Patent No: 8,146,771 B1) can be ordered through your normal supply chain using the National Stock Number (NSN). Follow the steps below to ensure you receive the type and quantity that will best fit your needs.

1Step One

Call our corporate office at (502) 608-8400 to schedule a needs assessment meeting with your unit.

2Step Two

We will sit down with the S4, Warrant Officer and unit XO to conduct a thorough needs assessment and demonstration. We will determine the type and quantity of containers needed with expected total cost. 

3Step Three

To order containers, login to your Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) account and type in the National Stock Number (NSN). View the complete All Purpose product list and Water Boxes product list with NSNs for reference. Select the quantity of containers from your needs assessment and complete the order. We will receive a contract from DLA and ship MulePACs to your location.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information regarding how to order MulePAC.