The Problem

The daily receiving, sorting and delivery of supplies and equipment causes unnecessary strain on soldiers. Traditional cargo boxes or lack of a system make utilizing the space in military vehicles difficult and inefficient, making it necessary for multiple trips to be taken into sometimes hazardous conditions. Each trip is labor intensive and load shifting causes additional labor and damage to contents.


The Solution

Each MulePAC is self-contained and designed to maximize capacity of all military vehicles, allowing for fewer trips and minimizing the loss of life with less exposure to the enemy. Superior structural integrity means ratchet straps can be used to secure the load without collapsing or damaging the contents, and an interlocking feature allows different sized MulePACs to be efficiently stacked together. MulePACs can be offloaded from all vehicles via forklift, or integrated 6,000 pound corner straps facilitate sling offloading.  During extreme conditions, MulePAC can be combat offloaded with little to no damage to contents or container.

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