Army Tactical Sling Load Operations

Just how durable is MulePAC?  You be the judge.MulePAC Sling Load Operations

This just in from ADS (MulePAC distributor):


Good news story!!   Thought you might like to see my demo MulePAC container being used in Army Tactical Sling Load Operations.  I loaned my container to a unit to test and evaluate for four weeks.  This MulePAC was used in OVER 100 x sling load operations without any degradation in the product at the Sustainment Training Center (STC) at Camp Dodge in Iowa.  They used and abused it – and it took the punishment.  The STC was so impressed with this product that they ordered 75 of them.  They wanted 300, but don’t have the funding right now.  They plan on getting more!!  

Jim Savitski
CSM (R), US Army
ADS Army Central Region Manager

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Rick Segeleon

As the Owner and President of AIRGO Industries since 1994, with an Engineering undergraduate degree and an MBA, Rick is involved in all aspects of the business from design to manufacturing and marketing. He recently reorganized AIRGO to focus completely on MulePAC.