Field Storage

The Problem

Equipment comes in varying sizes and weights, making it sometimes difficult to maximize small spaces while sufficiently protecting supplies from damage due to mishandling, other equipment or weather. If supplies are not stored as efficiently as possible, it can be difficult to access and know where specific equipment is located.


The Solution

MulePACs are available in several sizes, with internal capacities ranging from 19 to 77 cubic feet. These different sizes allow equipment to be stored in more appropriately sized containers that will keep it safe during handling and weather. A sturdy document pouch attached to the outside of each MulePAC allows complete visibility of the contents without having to open the container itself. A patented water management system keeps content dry during all weather conditions, practically eliminating the need for ISO storage containers, and a 5 to 1 collapsibility ratio makes storage of empty MulePACs simple and efficient.


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