MulePAC - Flexible Military Cargo BoxFlexibility is only one of MulePAC’s benefits, but when you’re working with critical and demanding supplies, it’s one of the most important. When designing MulePAC, we knew it had to be flexible enough for all modes of transportation, tough enough to take all types of weather, and modular enough to maximize all capacities. We built MulePAC to be the strongest, most versatile cargo box available.

All Weather

Weather is unpredictable, but the MulePAC’s stand alone design will keep its contents safe and dry from wind, rain, snow, hail, ice, sand, salt water, and just about anything else mother nature throws at it. No tarps or overhead protection is necessary, including during long term field storage.

MulePAC - All Weather Military Cargo Box


MulePAC is an all-mode container system. It will efficiently fit, without blocking or bracing, commercial and military tractor trailers, rail cars, cargo ships, helicopters, air drop and cargo aircraft, all without damage to the container or its contents.

MulePAC - All Mode Military Cargo Box

All Modular

MulePACs are available in several sizes, but they’re designed with an interlocking feature that makes all sizes compatible to be stacked together. Without requiring additional containment mechanisms, any container can be stacked on top or below a similar sized container or two smaller sized containers.

MulePAC - All Modular Military Cargo Box

All Vehicles

Our cargo boxes are created using pre-determined dimensions to efficiently fit all U.S. Military delivery platforms currently in use, including MILVANs, LHS flat-racks, MTV and LMTV trucks and trailers, HMMWVs, naval vessels, 463L aircraft pallets, and helicopters.

MulePAC - All Vehicles Military Cargo Box

All Supply Classes

MulePAC can be used to transport and store all 10 military classes of supply.

    • Class I - Food, rations, and water

    • Class II - Clothing

    • Class III - Petroleum, oils, and lubricants

    • Class IV - Fortification and barrier materials

    • Class V - Ammunition

    • Class VI - Personal Items

    • Class VII - Major End Items

    • Class VIII - Medical supplies, minimal amounts

    • Class IX - Repair Parts

    • Class X - Miscellaneous supplies
MulePAC - All Supply Classes Military Cargo Box