The Problem

You are ready to come home, and you have tons of equipment that needs to be loaded into MILVANs with no containers or organized loading system. All of that stuff is piled into MILVANs with little or no regard for protection or organization. When you return home, your unit spends countless hours sorting through the rubble and finds much of the equipment has been damaged and needs repaired or replaced.

The Solution

With a collapsibility ratio of 5 to 1, any MulePAC used to deploy that is not needed for sustainment or other operations can easily be stored outside or in MILVANs and available for the return trip. External document pouches offer complete visibility of your field storage, allowing you to systematically load out to return home. When MulePACs are not used following deployment, they can be filled with sand and used as a protective barrier. When it is time to redeploy, the top and sides can be pulled away to release the sand and a quick rinse from a hose will have them as good as new.

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